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Corporate Legal Counseling

We offer corporate services in such way, that along with other areas of the firm we prepare and support our clients in all kinds of negotiations for the acquisition of companies, joint ventures, contracts, company establishment in our country, etc. This is achieved based on the particular needs of each of our clients.

More over, we also provide advice to the shareholders of this companies in order to safeguard optimally their assets.

  • Advice in constitution of societies. (Company formation)
  • Articles of association design. (Bylaws)
  • Formulation of corporate documents such as assembly minutes, share certificates, and book and social registers.
  • Development of corporate legal diagnoses.
  • Contract formulation and revision.
  • Advice in foreign investment.
  • Business and property trusts.
  • Industrial property.
  • Inheritance.
  • Public brokerage services.
  • Legal defense, we have advisers and litigators in various fields of law.
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