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Tax Litigation, Administrative and
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Tax Litigation, Administrative and Constitutional

Bonus offers services in various fields such as: fiscal, administrative, health insurances, and generally against any action from the executive and legislative authorities, whether federal or local, affecting the interest of the individuals. We also develop, preventive, legal tax strategies, which allow our costumers to ensure their own financial and legal situation against possible tax audits.

Some of our services:

  • Technical support for tax audit defense.
  • Development of tax legal strategies in order to ensure the legal and financial situation of the individual shareholders.
  • Analysis of legal implications of tax strategies.
  • Analysis of tax implications arising from legal acts and contracts.
  • Contract and other legal documents design that withstand tax aspects of business transaction.
  • Development of tax defense instances such as instances of disagreement, administrative resources, nullity trials, and legal protection proceedings against judgments of administrative courts.
  • Formulation of legal protection against tax laws, administrative regulations and other tax customs and provisions.
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