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This service allows you to have professionals specialized in payroll processing, tax determination and derivatives of it with the confidence that the information you supply is accurate and timely.

Thereby eliminating the risk of unnecessary payments (fines and penalties), reduce unnecessary costs in the area of Human Capital and allow time for activities that bring added value to the area.


  • Highly qualified staff and the best technology to provide a quality service.
  • Eliminate unnecessary costs in the area of human capital, such as acquisition, and updating of software and hardware; in addition to costs for training of personnel and even reduction of internal staff costs.
  • Confidentiality of information handled by the employees and the company.
  • Availability of updated information from both the employee database, such as payments of fixed payroll and additional payroll through our online system.
  • Backup information periodically and access it from your workplace.
  • Counseling on labor, tax and social security matters.
  • Timely information about paying taxes that eliminates fines and surcharges.

Aspects covered on our service

  • Payroll
  • Payment to employees
  • Social Welfare
  • Accounting and tax
  • Financial Processes
  • Annual Statements
  • Annual Tax Adjustment
  • Christmas bonus and PTU
  • Updates and Advisories
  • Consulting and Audits
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