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Fiscal and Administrative Defense

We provide advice and representation for defense in situations where the tax authorities have acted improperly against your company. Defense against:

  • Determinant resolutions of omitted taxes; differences in taxes covered; updates and fines from the powers of revision, such as: home visits, revisions of enclosures, revision of opinion, among others.
  • Credits with origin of request for authorization to pay arrears in installments.
  • Decisions on social security (IMSS, INFONAVIT).
  • Determinant Resolutions issued by state authorities.
  • Resolution on foreign trade.
  • Administrative Procedure in execution.
  • Administrative decisions in general.
  • Corporate advisory.
  • Tax structures design.

The procedures we do to seek justice are:

  • Administrative resources.
  • Contentious administrative proceedings.
  • Requests of defense on Tax matter.

The tax authorities that we are defending, among others, the Ministry of Finance and Public Credit, the Mexican Social Security Institute, the Institute of National Housing Fund, the Ministries of Finance, Treasuries or Treasury states and municipalities.

Thanks to our knowledge, our courts have judiciously resolved most of the issues, giving particular reason to over 95% of cases. This is because taxpayers unknowingly enjoy a host of privileges that we, as experts, know. Our services cover from the beginning of the audit and review of the matter to the judgment handed down by the competent court.

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